Economist and energy specialist with solid managerial and academic experience, and a strong background and practice in markets, institutional and financial issues. Wide-ranging advisory experience involving the energy and electric industries, as well as other key sectors such as telecommunications, transport and ports. Addressing issues such as industrial organization, business strategy, competition, antitrust and regulation, market structure and incentives, finance and project evaluation, corporate governance, and regional energy integration. Held several academic positions and carried out extensive research work dealing with challenging energy and power generation issues in the areas of business, governance and public policy.

Outstanding work experiences as: Energy Minister of Chile, responsible for the electric sector, alternative energy sources, and oil and gas sectors, which comprise public and private interests, and the relation with other ministries, the congress and the international relations on energy issues; Chairperson of the Board at the State Oil Company (ENAP), with operations in Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Egypt, engaged in exploration, production, refining and logistic in oil and gas, and liquefied natural gas imports and distribution; Alternate Executive Director at the Board of the World Bank Group, representing Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay; Board member of the Chilean Council of State Companies, holding of 22 state companies in a wide range of sectors, for instance energy, ports, metro, railways, water utilities, mint, national lottery and other key sectors of the economy; and Board member of private companies in the energy sector.

Extensive experience as advisor in the energy and electric sector and other key sectors on problems of market, institutional and regulatory design, corporate governance, antitrust and regulation, competition, pricing and price regulation, and project evaluation. Has advised governments in the South American region and private and state companies, counting Endesa S.A., Colbún S.A., Electroandina S.A., Transelec S.A., Chilectra S.A., Enersis S.A., Gasco S.A., Telefónica S.A., VTR Globalcom S.A., Nextel S.A., Puerto de San Antonio S.A. Credit Suisse First Boston of NY and Chase  Manhattan Bank of NY.

I have a Master and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Minnesota, and a Bachelor in Economics, Business Engineering and Master in Economics degrees from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, with a longstanding career teaching on issues of economics of regulation, industrial organization, and business strategy; Vice President of the International Association for Energy Economics;  and have an extensive research work addressing challenging energy issues in the areas of business, governance and public policy, regularly publishes in leading energy journals and participate in conferences on energy issues.

Ricardo Raineri,
23 oct 2014, 14:02